The Art of Seth


Creatures of the Heart

95 products
Within you there is the heart of you and within that heart there is a world.  That world is a magical place. It’s populated...
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Small Tales

68 products
a series of illustrations and little stories Sometimes we make brilliant discoveries. Large and bold epiphanies that crash down like an apple thunking...
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New Worlds

59 products
Within the altogether transient nature of our many moments, we fashion sails to boats, dig foundations for homes, buy new paint for the...
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Learning to Draw

21 products
Drawings by drawings by seth. We’re not sure when it happened but at some point the drawings themselves became aware of the means...
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In This Together

25 products
  These little creatures stand with those that work for the liberation of all people and strive for the empowerment of our communities....
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Normal Products

48 products
People like it when you give them things.
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The Resistance

10 products
There is hardship, and loneliness, and self doubt and sometimes a great overwhelming forgetfulness that we are all in this together. For such...
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38 products
They weren’t sure where they had ended up, so they called it Someworld. Such a place they had found themselves in… It was...
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Notes from the Afterlife

26 products
In 1992 William “Billy” Bradeson, following the criteria of a back to school assignment, submitted an illustrated report to his 8th grade teacher,...
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In the middle of the night

16 products
New doors opened. The little spirits of things woke up finding new moons, in new skies above new shores. Everything, everything, everything had...
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Odd Comics

24 products
  a series of drawings exploring existential bewilderment and random acts thisness.
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1 product
  Process: The stuff of these pieces is composed of melted Crayola crayons. I use a variation of small torches to melt the...
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Strange Drink

31 products
  The Bottle arrived on October 1st 2018 and floated above the desk for 31 days. In this time the bottle took on...
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10 Poems Book

12 products
My first love in the creative world was poetry. Long before i ever thought to draw, i filled notebooks up with poems and...
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33 products
  Small studies, singular incarnations and records of curious, brief encounters: I like best to work in series, to fish out an idea...
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Headless Barons and Aimless Unicorns

20 products
  Once Upon a Place, in a Time that never existed, there was a great white space that brimmed over with emptiness. It...
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Small Wandering Hearts

3 products
  Tiny original drawings wherein small hearts go wandering the many many worlds before us.
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Like I know...

13 products
The work in this series is simply meant to wave a flag for a willingness to dismantle that patriarchal framework that hovers over us and...
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Put Together Falling Apart

29 products
An arrangement of lines in varying length and distance from each other This work is about these things: Following form to the verge...
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Scrapbook in the Cellar

37 products
The cellar is a curious place. It is lit only by the light of basement windows and the shadows are stranger there. The...
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Uncommon Communion

5 products
For the world is a wild labyrinth made of odd forces. We look out at the moon and are baffled. We make our...
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