Unfortunately, Seth doesn’t do commissioned or custom work at this time. There’s a very long list of his own ideas which he’s perpetually trying catch up on. That being said, he happily accepts requests. These requests go on a list which he looks at when the windows of time allow.

It is to be noted that it does happen that other folk’s requests align with his own ideas and he ends up making work with those requests in mind. In these cases, we contact you to let you know that something has been created that may fulfill your wishes and that you have the option (though certainly no obligation) to purchase the original or a print.

We find it helpful to point out that the language in this statement is meant to impart a particularly definite amount of
non-commitment and ambiguity.  Instances wherein a request encapsulates a desired timeline should be preemptively codified with dashed hope.

At the same time, we’d love for you to be as candid and specific as you wish in your request because we just never know when or where the stars will align.

Lastly, Seth would like you to know that in his musings about an ideal world, he imagines, happily, an alternate universe where he answers all requests with the materialization of a piece specifically for you. He’s very honored that you’ve thought of him and that you would trust him with your own idea. The notion itself, is no small thing at all.
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