The Continual Parade


That night,
looking out at the parade of stories she had
dreamt up with those that had helped her
to learn of love,
Ruby felt her lonesomeness wither.

And the sky became a bridge
and the waves, a song,
and the distant shore,
a patience that waits for spring.

* * *

This print is a multi media collage assembled from original abstract paintings i've made and then scanned in and cut up digitally.

The text is mine. Some of the words i've stolen from my poems or short stories but most were imagined after staring at the picture for long enough and trying to figure out just what these little creatures wanted to say.

The print is made using 11x14 fine art paper with archival ink on a professional grade printer. It will come to you sleeved and backed by foam core and it will be shipped very safely

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