Sometimes we make brilliant discoveries. Large and bold epiphanies that crash down like an apple thunking on top of our heads, waking us from the nap of our present life. And KAZAAM our world has changed. Those are important and they are often the big stories we tell late into the night to those in the world we’ve found as friends or family.

Then, there are other, smaller, quieter realizations that come to us through days and years of trying to live the way we would like most to live. They grow and bloom more slowly like an apple tree itself from seed to old bent boughs heavy with fruit. It’s hard to talk about these. They’re so commonplace seeming and so simple it’s hard to say the things about the great magic they are made of. But, really, they’re everything to us.

Those small tales that we add to daily with a quiet but fierce sense of reverence for what we’ve come to regard as dear, what we choose to not stop believing in, and what we’ve decided we will do with our one strange ticket into this world. This work is about those stories.

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