Within you there is the heart of you and within that heart there is a world.  That world is a magical place. It’s populated by all sorts of little creatures wandering about, doing all sorts of things, as you and your heart go about your many days.

All these little creatures are aware of all the magic in the place where they live and they go about trying to see all there is to see. Some of the things they see confuse them. Sometimes they are surprised, sometimes they are mystified. Sometimes they’re downright scared and sometimes they cannot help but jump, singing with all of their own little hearts,  for joy.

It is a strange and baffling and wonderful world in there and the little creatures, are always so curious to see just what might happen next. There is, really, only so much that one can say about it, though. So here are some little windows. Some little windows into that world where we can see what some of these little creatures, that live inside the world of our hearts, have come to find on their little journeys, so far.

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